Dave's Goldmoney Capital Gains Calculator version 2

Using transaction data that you provide, and guided by your input, this software calculates capital gains and losses resulting from the purchase and sale of products within your Goldmoney accounts.

  1. I have no association with, and this software has not been reviewed or approved by, Goldmoney Inc.
  2. This software is not approved by the tax authority of any country. It provides information that you will need to fill out the required forms. Don't include reports generated by this software with your tax return.
  3. This software is in "alpha test" status and is offered free of charge with no warranties or guarantees of any kind.
  4. Read the user guide before attempting to use this software. Among other things, it explains how to download the required transaction files from your Goldmoney Personal and Business accounts and your Goldmoney Holding.
  5. I'm a U.S. resident, so most testing has been done with U.S. tax requirements in mind. The software includes support for other countries and currencies, but little testing has been done for accounts outside the U.S.
  6. I'm hoping to receive feedback that will aid in debugging and improving the software.
  7. I apologize, but will not be held liable, if the software malfunctions, fails to complete, or produces incorrect results; or if I am unable to get the software working correctly in time for your tax filing deadline.
  8. Check the program output carefully, and use at your own risk.

By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button you agree that the above Disclaimer is reasonable. If you do not think it is reasonable, close this browser window and do not use this software.

Dave Hirschman
May 11, 2020

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